In the car or at home we always have life 96.5 playing. We hear about your hands and feet opportunities and often find a way to participate. This year we listened as you promoted “Siouxland’s largest baby shower” back in January. The month slipped away and we didn’t take the time to go and purchase a gift for this great cause. Soon we started planning our daughter’s 14th birthday party which was to take place in March. As we discussed a sleep over and the friends she was inviting, I mentioned that she might want to think about not asking for gifts for herself as she had plenty and didn’t need anything from her friends. She said she had been thinking about that and after listening to the radio about the Alpha center, decided to ask her friends to bring baby gifts to her party instead of gifts for her. Wow! I was so happy that she had thought to put other’s needs ahead of her own gain. We contacted the Alpha center and they sent us a list of needed items. We will visit there this week and drop off all the incredible gifts she got from her friends. What a great opportunity this was to bless others and to share with her friends the mission of the Alpha center. Thank you for inspiring my 14 year old to “seek first the kingdom” by helping to meet the need of others.

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