A hug, a smile, a helping hand, a word of praise.

A meal, some cash, time volunteering, prayer.

A ride, a place to sleep, protection, moral support.

A listening heart, knowledge, forgiveness, and a second chance.

There are so many ways we give and can give to others.

Giving is the very essence of the nature of our God. We cannot look at God or His character as revealed in Spirit and Word without seeing this giving nature. All around us is His amazing creation in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food that sustains us, and the beauty of nature.

When we chose to turn away from God’s truth, He provided a way by giving of Himself. He gave His only Son as a permanent healing and permanent restoration for those who would accept His gracious gift. God’s entire character is centered around giving.

God shows us how to give by giving us good gifts, and He wants us to give in return—back to Him and to others through ministry. Financial giving offers us an opportunity to participate in God’s work among people. With the world’s focus on wealth, it’s easy for us to be misled into thinking that monetary giving is an obligation or even a burden, when it is actually a privilege that God has designed for us.  He provides the source and means for us to give and meet special needs. In His perfect design, monetary amount is not as important as is the size of one’s heart.

God wants us to give in a sustaining, ongoing way. To give routinely will “open the windows of heaven”  so our investment can pour out God’s overflowing blessing on others. As a holder of the resources God already owns, will you consider joining in the incredible privilege of giving of the blessings God has given you so that others too may be blessed?

Now that you understand God’s design for giving, will you respond by applying that truth and sharing the resources you hold?

One possibility might be supporting Life 96.5 Radio.  If you are sensing that God is prompting you to give to this listener-supported ministry, please click here. Thank you.

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