Hi, my name is Rita, 19 years of age. I have grown in church most of my life and I’d like to give a special thanks to LIFE 96.5 for keeping the gospel of God real.For helping encourage not only myself but others as well. There were times where I’ve just had enough in my life that I wanted to give up, but once I turned the radio up there was always a song you guys played that just connected to me.

We all have our tribulations and problems. We cry and get angry at the things that we know God can help us with, but why do we not seek Him? Why is it difficult for us to just get on out knees and pray about whatever it is our heart holds. It is because we give victory to the flesh to do whatever it likes. It is the fact that the devil (I rebuke Him in the name of Jesus) wants to destroy us. We all need to take a stand against him and rebuke him and let the Holy Spirit of God take control of our lives to ease our pains. To give us rest and peace in our hearts, souls,  and minds. I have been through so much in my life. I’ve been molested, left alone, very poor, suicidal, depression and just recently lost my little brother to cancer. You name whatever problem I probably already went through. And its not just me but my family as well. God has put His hands on our family and never left us.

Even though my family pretty much got destroyed a few years back He managed to bring us all back together. God has used me in so many ways you could not even begin to imagine. In church I am now the leader for the women’s, youth, and director of the children’s chorus. In very little time God put me in that position. Yes there were a huge amount of people that disliked that I was a new leader just because of the fact that I hadn’t been in the church that long and everyone else had been there for years, but you know what? Let the devil be mad! I will not give up where I stand! GOD has put me here! And even Jesus had people who disliked him.  I was sad about that but God spoke to me giving me a message that I’ll let you read in Romans 11:29.  Praise God!

Thank you LIFE 96.5 so much. The song that helped me through my problems is Does anybody hear her by Casting Crowns. God bless all of you and hope you all have a wonderful day!

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  • Larry Cain says:

    Hi Rita. You talk like I talk. I’m glad you’ve hung in. I bet you’ll glorify God big the way you move forward and don’t worry about what people think. I’m thinking of the letters to Timothy. You seem to have the attitude Paul instructs Timothy to have. So – You Go 🙂
    Oh Yeah! Thought you’d like to know… There is a help wanted sign on The Pearly Gate for a worship leader. Seems God had to Fire the last guy… (Get it “Fire” the last guy). Anyway, try outs are coming very soon. To be sure.
    Keep working your ministry, Keep moving forward… Larry

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