Did you hear it?  Jon Micah, lead singer of Kutless, stopped by the morning show to chat about everything from the “Hope is Something More tour” to their bus breaking down yesterday due to a blown radiator hose!  You still have an opportunity to see Kutless perform tonight in Spencer, IA; Wednesday in Sioux Falls; and wrapping the tour up Thursday in Waterloo, IA.

Did you miss it?  Well, you’re in luck because we’ve got the audio from this morning below!  Plus, he’s a pretty cool guy, so you don’t want to miss hearing what he had to say, right?

Jon Micah sharing the latest happenings in life

Jon Micah talking about touring poverty stricken and war-torn countries

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  • Kay says:

    Thank you for posting this interview with Jon Micah, I was only able to hear a portion of it this morning so now I was able to hear the beginning of it as well! I believe there was more to the interview from what I heard, will you be posting that portion as well? He went on to talk about faith during those challenging times in life which was very good.

    Thanks again!

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