I had to write and share a praise.  I’ve been hearing all of you talk about tomorrow’s Chris Tomlin concert for months. I didn’t get tickets because I live in Marshall, MN and teach school here.  I thought I might be pushing it to get back to town that late on a school night. Anyway, I am also a music minister at my church and our music ministry coordinator became very sick just before Thanksgiving.  She spent the entire holiday season in a coma in Rochester.  It was a difficult holiday without her and wondering what God had in store for this beautiful woman of faith.  She only recently was able to finally return home.  She still has quite a ways to go, but can now walk a little and can stand by herself. Her doctors have told her that their only explanation is that something far greater than medicine was at work in her survival. We all know that the great physician, Jesus Christ, had his hand in it.  The first service Pam and I will serve together in is Easter Sunday!

Last night she found out about the Chris Tomlin concert.  She has been away and was, literally, asleep for so long that she simply didn’t know about it.  She asked if I would take her if she could get tickets.  She was able to get handicapped seating in section 206 seats 1 & 2. I’m a little nervous about getting her all the way up to that section but I know Jesus  is going to be with us. I cannot wait for this incredible night of praising Jesus with my miracle sister in Christ!  I’m sure there are many wonderful stories of people coming together for this concert, but I wanted to share mine.  It’s going to be an incredible way to begin Holy Week!

Praise to Jesus Christ!


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