For the month of April, our Hands and Feet opportunity with Family Visitation Center (FVC) helped bless kids who celebrate their birthday during a supervised visit with their parents. You were invited to fill a simple birthday gift bag with themed items and donate it for parties held at FVC throughout the coming year. Thank you for your tremendous response!

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From FVC’s director Aaron Wimmer:

“To the staff and listeners of Life 96.5, What an amazing month it has been!  During the month of April you responded to the Hands and Feet Project with an outpouring of support for our Birthday-in-a-bag project!  With over 240 bags donated in April, children served by the Family Visitation Center will be able to experience the memories of celebrating their birthday with mom, dad, and other family members!”

“We received bags from families, individuals, students, sororities, sports players, Bible study groups, businesses, churches, and even some children who had previously been served by FVC!  Bags were delivered in person, dropped off at the Life 96.5, and even mailed from Iowa, South Dakota, and Nebraska!  In addition to the themed plates, cups, utensils, napkins, table covers, party favors, streamers, candles, toys, gift cards, balloons, party hats, bubbles, banners, and even promises to make birthday cakes, you packed each bag full of love!  Trust me when I tell you that children and families from throughout Sioux Empire will feel that love the minute they start unpacking a bag, see a decorated room, take a swing at a piñata, and blow out the birthday candles. Thank you for the magic you have created!”

When Aaron said he could hardly get to his desk, he wasn’t kidding! Check out this Birthday in a bag video

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  • Mary Kay Gilbert says:

    I love to bake and decorate cakes and would be glad to help out that way if needed! MK Gilbert~690-1483

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