Growing up my faith was strong. After high school I fell in with a crowd that encouraged me to abandon my faith. I slowly cane back to God realizing that the world is often a difficult place without Him. After meeting my husband, my faith was still only lukewarm. Tony and I were married and soon decided to start a family. Being pro-life we declined a routine ultrasound until my fifth month I got big fast. The ultrasound confirmed two babies but the doctor couldn’t separate the heads on the screen. He sent us to a specialist. The doctors confirmed conjoined twins and told us our twins would not live. She suggested we deliver soon to preserve my health. By the time of delivery I was a little over six months gestation. The babies cried right after delivery. They were perfect except being joined at the head. They were confirmed and baptized immediately. I held them in my arms being awed at being co-creators with God. I told them Mommy loved them very much but that they would have another mommy in heaven that was named Mary. Then one baby died in my arms. I handed the babies to Tony and the other one died in his arms. At there funeral ceremony I felt numb. I turned to God and apologized for my distance but that I needed Him now. A sense of peace came over me.I learned that God’s will is the greatest priority.

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