As everyone knows 3 weeks ago we had that torrential rain. As I watched the water rise in our driveway and enter our garage; I prayed asking God to protect us from flooding our home. Well needless to say it seemed at the time he wasn’t listening; I watched the water come through our sump pump and soak our finished basement wth about 2–3 inches of water. As the waters subsided and we started using wet vacs etc. we noticed that every piece of furniture was dry. It seemed every piece of furniture was sitting on a higher spot so it didn’t get wet. Also I called My insurance thinking we probably weren’t covered only to find out I had purchased extra coverage for sewer and water backup so we were covered. It’s still a mess; but its gradually getting done and its no picnic even if we are covered by insurance. My wife asked me “What did we do wrong that God is punishing us?” I said: ” He isn’t punishing us for doing anything wrong; It could be a lot worse; we might not have had any insurance; I think He just wanted us redecorate.”

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