In 2004 my twin sister, her husband and I moved to Arizona from Foster City, CA I moved here with them to be their nanny my sister had a 2 year old son and was pregnant with twins when we moved here. We arrived in July In October I started having petite mal seizures, due to what I found out in June 2005, the seizures were due to a very rare malignant brain tumor. Mind you I became a Christian when I was 25 years old. After seeing a neurologist on June 9th, 2005, and learning about how dangerous the tumor was I had surgery at Barrows Neurological Institute in Phx on June 15th. I prayed feverously for our Father to bring me home. Obviously I’m not 6 feet under however during surgery my surgeon was using an image guided machine to pinpoint exactly where the tumor was, after some time he decided not to use the IGM then he picked up what he “thought” was part of the tumor, it was a blood vessel after cutting it. I woke up on the OR table convulsing vigorously due to the severity of the seizure they had strapped me down. So I could not raise and wave my arms to alert them that I was awake nor could I speak there was a tube in my throat. I started moving my hands and blinking at the intern which was by my feet I suppose he thought I was seizing again and didn’t notice I was awake, So with my right hand signed I Am Awake Then the intern said “uh doc I think shes awake . Shortly after realizing I was awake the anestesiologist came over and put me back under. I woke up in ICU with a nurse next to my bed telling me she was going to take me to get an MRI. Well …. I freaked out because the last thing I wanted was an MRI after such a dramatic surgery, the doctor sedated me I don’t remember the MRI as time went by I was moved out of ICU to a room where my family could visit me. I was sleeping when my twin, mom and dad came in and I awoke to my sister slapping my face saying Kim are you alive I laughed and said in jumbled words I am now. I didn’t know why I was unable to speak so my dad told me I had a stroke during surgery. It paralyzed my entire left side. After a weeks of being bed ridden I started Rehab at BNI… long story shorter, It was time for me to leave and go home. I was given 3-18 months to survive. Last June I celebrated My 10year anniversary of remission I was in a wheelchair when my sister took me home. My parents live in Ohio and desperately wanted to take me home with so my mom didn’t have to worry. After a week of discussions with my doctor. I was allowed to fly back to Ohio with my parents …. It was fun because everyday my Grams came over and played games with me. I was 30 when this took place. I am 41 now and my sisters family grew from a son to a son and 4daughters. Not a good time for me not be a nanny. Eventually I became strong enough to move out of my sisters house and into an apartment by myself. It was was fun yet scary at first my apartment is about 7 minutes from my sisters house whenever she needs a babysitter I am close enough for her to babysit for her 5 children. I’m fortunate that my sister has 5 kids because the trauma of the surgery pushed me into menopause. Not a big deal because I never planned on EVER becoming pregnant. To sum up I Am indeed loving our Father for not bringing me home yet and for letting my nieces and nephew live close enough for me to watch them grow up. I remain very close to God and Jesus every day. I am back in rehab for my left hand and arm. I also talk to my nieces and nephew often about God and Jesus. Here is a cute and funny story, when my sister was pregnant with her last baby girl my nephew said can you try again for a boy

In Him, Kim

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