im writing my story out of humility, truth and most of all Love…. i recently left a message on your voicemail about my story. i tremble at the presence of The Lord. i am a weak individual who God has forgiven and loved unconditionally…yet i fear this. He is all around me…hitting me upside the head saying why are you afraid my child? why are you not listening to my words? as of today i face the courts to make a major decision on the welfare of my children. about year ago i made the choice to use drugs i was by no means the perfect parent. God was working in my life and had been in my heart all along. through the trials and circumstances through this whole situation that led up until now almost a year later…well i hit a total Rock bottom. God was down there though pulling me up from that slimy pit and he is all around me.I have much much gratitude for Gods love and the team of angel armies that has pulled together to build my faith. I understand that my story may not be life threatening but im asking for prayers as i face today and im also asking for prayers of opportunity to love others and give back the opportunity of faith in times of despair. specificlly asking for direction on ways i can serve in my community. Thanks so much for the inspiration the love and the Holy Spirit within your station. im very greatful to feel the love from your station in my home.

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