I haven’t been to church or prayed in a year and half, I felt like the lost sheep in the verses john 10. Then I got very sick lost my job got very stress and now I have high blood pressure and insomnia and I’m 28 years old,
Through my family God was speaking to my heart , so I started seeking him again and listening to this radio station and the music hits my soul very strong everyday. I love it. The station brought me hope and joy and peace !!! I feel alive and the power of God working on me. I just want a prayer for my health. I seen doctors got medicines but now I need more of Jesus. So I pray to more of Jesus. I go to church this Sunday we spoke about how important music is and why we sing to love God. How in Heaven the Lord will sing over us and how loud it will be !!! I love this radio station it truly is position and Gods medicine !!

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