Hello, my name is Justin Thompson I am 15 years old and am a huge soccer fan. I love playing soccer and other sports but one unlucky day i had a game and fell on my head 🙁 it gave me a concussion but i felt that no one wanted to know about it so i kept it to my self, this would be the biggest mistake of my life. The next day i had soccer practice and went to head a ball… i got to it late and it hit me hard on top of the head. I could not talk, feel or think after i got hit, luckily my coach could tell something was wrong and told me to sit out and see the trainer. A few moments go by and I am almost unconscious and the trainer is telling my parents I need to get somewhere fast. My older brother picked me up to take me home but as the car ride progressed my symptoms worsened and I could not walk anymore it was at the point to where my older brother had to carry me inside. My mother called 911 as soon as she saw me and it took them not even 30 seconds to see me in the position I was in to tell I needed help badly. At this point I have had another symptom start to happen.. and that was seizures I had a seizure in the ambulance and my head started to swell. That is when they knew I had to get some where fast and the ambulance could not get me there in time. They decided to Air lift me to shock trauma at University of Maryland, I had another seizure in the helicopter and one as I went into shock trauma. At first I can remember the doctors talking among each other not knowing what to do and knowing I was probably going to die right in front of them. It was at that point where they just started to make me as comfortable as they could get me, as I went in for ct scans of my head in back I remember the nurse saying “Guess he won’t be playing for a while” While another said “Awhile? I think again” And that crushed me I started crying and praying I will be able to play again. I remember my family gathering around me crying.. my mom was absolutely crushed she had already lost one son and I did not want her to lose another, I prayed and prayed asking lord to keep me here with my family and to not crush my mom like this. I passed out as my family watched me being hooked up to a heart monitor constantly beeping and always frightened to see what it was… Well time passed and I woke up a day later.. Doctors were so amazed that I am still alive.. that I can still function the way I do.. Well at least what they have seen. It took 1 day in shock trauma and 2 days in ICU (Intensive care unit) for the doctors to find out what has happened to me.. breaking it to my family was the only part left. I was asleep during it but I was told after. What I was diagnosed with is called SIS (second impact syndrome) its when a concussion is not healed properly and you receive another concussion on top of it not allowing it to heal and your brain swell rapidly.. The doctors kept looking at me funny and I finally asked them why are they looking at me weird and they told me the worse words I could ever hear… “You should be dead” A sudden silence filled the room, wondering, asking why am I still here… They explained what I have is 96% fatal I was scared and did not know how to react but to cry and know why I am still alive. God has a plan set for me, he said No just in it is not your time to go I have plans for you. I have given my full life to God and know he is there when I need him and he is there for you just like he was when I almost died. Now the story is not over, I started feeling so much better I can walk now but with a walker that’s not bad? What would I chose 1.Walk with a walker 2.Not be able to walk at all. Its a simple answer 1. I can feel my right side now. I am called a walking miracle and I pay my dept by going to church and praising his holy name. He is there and will always be for you. So if you have a tough time remember God is there for you and he will never leave no matter the situation. I may not be able to play soccer again.. Yea it makes me upset but I know God has something in store for me, just like he does for you. If you are reading this and you are upset just know God is there and again he will never leave just like he did for me, he loves you.

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