1st i need to say God is so faithful!! Jan 30 2015 my 46 year old husband hit the ground at 6;15 in the morning. i quickly ran into the bathroom to find he couldn’t get up and his face was drooped. A Stroke!!! What in the world?? That is an older person’s issue!! I immediately prayed for healing. We rushed him by ambulance to Worthington Hospital scanned and checked out showed nothing. They sent him to Sioux Falls Avera hospital and he started to spiral downward. They couldn’t get his blood pressure down. Through it all I prayed over him and prayed in the spirit constantly. I had peace that passes all understanding!! He is so faithful!!! Rod spent the weekend in short stay and Monday Morning his Neurologist walked in and said Rod has had 3 strokes!! He shouldn’t be walking or talking and he shouldn’t be here with us still! The Dr noticed the cross around my neck and asked if I was a Christian. I said yes and she prayed with us for Rod and for herself having the knowledge to treat him. How cool is that?? Jesus sent a christian Dr to our aid!! That night the neurosurgeon came in who is also a Christian and he talked about putting a shunt in his head to relieve the brain pressures. He would check in with us in the morning. I just prayed and prayed in the spirit while laying hands on my husband and the Lord quieted me and said tonight we turn the corner. I took him at his word and when his neurologist came back in she said he cannot have any more strokes he wouldn’t make it through another. i told her what the Lord told me and she stood in agreement on those words! We woke the next day and the Lord being a healer, we turned the corner!! The healing began!! Thank you Jesus!! He did therapy and is back to working full time!! They expect a full recovery!! Praise be to God!!

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