For years I have struggled with depression and very low self-esteem.In late April of this year I began making some health changes that has led to an almost 100 pound weight loss.However that is just the beginning of a life changing journey for me. In July I went to a convention in Florida that changed me. I was listening to speakers talk about how they had been depressed, had low self-esteem and also had thought of ending their life like me. As tears were flowing that weekend I asked a new friend to meet with me.When we met with tears in my eyes I asked that he pray with me. As he prayed for me I felt like a cleansing came over me tears poured from me and I felt such a cleansing and peace come over me. I knew at that moment I needed to work on problems that I had allowed to consume my life for many years. I also knew I could not work on these problems by myself.Thankfully I had two Godly men I began meeting with weekly. One friend who helped (and still helping) me work on self esteem issues and letting go of the past. One example he gave me I repeat to myself often. He told me to imagine I was climbing a mountain, as I climbed the mountain I would put one foot up at a time, the right foot,the left foot, right,left. He told me to imagine that the right foot was the past and the left foot the future. Once I started climbing that mountain I would never want to take a step back, a step into the past. The past is over,it is done with there is no changing the past no going back. I also would not want to put a foot into the future before as it is not guaranteed as tomorrow may never come. We are to live in the presence, it is a gift it is a present.. The other man I meet with has been a friend for some years now. He has helped me to learn to love myself. He told me how much his family has loved me for as long as they have known me. I honestly felt people only loved me because it was the “Christian” thing to do. I could not understand how anyone could love a looser like me. After meeting several time it finally clicked, people do love me,people do care about me. I think the “AH-HA” moment was when I finally realized these men had nothing to gain for themselves with helping me, they did it because they cared about me, because they honestly cared about me a child of God who was broken.throughout all of this I have grown in my faith, I find life to be great,(some days I still struggle), my heart is filled with such joy and I am smiling all the time and the smile is genuine not put on.
I have been listening to Life 96.5 for about 5 months while driving, exercising and at home. I love the songs and sing along with many. These songs that I have been singing in church for many years have taken on new meaning.I now sing them from the heart instead of just from the lips.
God is awesome and I am the happiest I have been in years.
If you are struggling with self esteem,with not loving yourself I urge you get healthy, start doing some exercising and find a good christian friend or two to help you find a reason to live. Find a reason to wake up everyday and enjoy life.

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