Five years ago God led me to move from my lifelong home in Des Moines, Iowa to accept a job in Sioux Falls. I didn’t know a soul in Sioux Falls other than my employer. I walked into my new apartment with my cat and a suitcase, apprehensive and excited. It was September, with the holiday season and winter approaching ~ typically times of cozying in with friends and family. But I was all alone in a city with no warm memories; a city where no one knew my name. As the weeks passed I got to know the roads and landmarks, but making new friends is hard when you’re single and middle-aged. I attended a wonderful church, joined a small group and got to know a few people…..but Christian radio became my best friend. I listened to Life 96.5 whenever I was in the car and frequently streamed it online throughout the day while I was working. I got to know the radio personalities as friends and began to feel…in a very small way…connected to the community. Faith-based radio really, truly lifted my heart and soul over and over again during my months in Sioux Falls. One year after arriving, the tug of aging parents, family and old friends led me back to Des Moines but I took my new, great friend….Life 96.5 with me! I still listen all the time while I’m working during the day, I also still support Sioux Falls causes and just look back in awe and gratitude for the wonderful months of learning, growing and experiencing new things. God gave me an opportunity to truly understand loneliness and how the smile or hello of a stranger can be so meaningful to someone who is new in town. I came back home with new eyes for people who are alone in my hometown. I think my smile brightened, my arms reach out easier and I constantly ask God to direct people who need a friend. Thanks Life 96.5! Your friend and fan, Debbie

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