After a terrible childhood, a horrible adoption, I thought I could find love and drugs and alcohol. Went to prison at age 38 for felony DWI, was exposed to some 12-step groups while I was in prison, and when I got out I attended some AA meetings. I didn’t get what I needed there, floundered around a couple more years. Finally September 19th 1991 I found my home in NA. I finally have more clean time then I ever dreamed possible. God did not shove me off the cliff when I got too close but instead taught me to fly. Not one success have I without God. I have learned the true meaning of surrender, I have learned to breathe, and I have powerful people in my life today, helping each step of the way, holding me up before I fall, and holding me up for God to guide. 24 years is one third of my lifetime. I’m hoping to have 24 more.

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