Listen Wednesday mornings at 7:45a as Christian Life Coach, Cecelia Dachtler joins Dave and Lauren during the morning show!

You can learn more about “Renewing the Journey” with Cecelia Dachtler, by visiting her website or email her at

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Planning Ahead


6 Responses to "“Renewing the Journey” w/Cecelia Dachtler"

  • Mary Wheaton says:

    Hi Cecelia,
    I have been listening to your program on KNWC on Wed mornings. Great messages!! I am interested in learning more about the class coming up this Fall about Life Coaching at SFS.

    Hope all is well with you and your family!!
    Mary Wheaton

  • Carli Steffes says:

    Cecelia Dachtler – it is so good to see your face again! I was a student at NABS when you were there. It’s nice to see that you’re a part of 96.5! Good fit!

  • Brenda says:

    I have listened to you on Wednesdays almost everyday and I just saw your picture!!! You look soo young!!! I imagined that you were older!!! Thanks for the great thoughts and inspiration! I love hearing your voice come on! It is so comforting! Blessings, Cecelia!!!

  • You can learn more about Renewing the Journey with Cecelia Dachtler, by visiting her website or email her at cdachtler@renewingthejourney.

  • June says:

    I often listen to you as you speak on Renewing the Journey on KNWC radio and I appreciate your messages and the insight they provide. I was listening this morning and heard you mention a quote by Oswald Chambers. I was hoping you would like to put that quote on the website. Thanks! Keep up the inspiration you provide to everyone!

    1. June says:

      Thank you for adding the latest post, “Planning and your Personality.” I appreciate being able to to read this article and find the Oswald Chambers quote I was looking for! Thanks again, and keep up the great work you do in inspiring people to listen to KNWC and Renew their Journey too!

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