I admitted this last week, God has been placing obedience on my heart. I know He can do all things, I always think though, I can do something I don’t want to bother Him with. But his message to me is, Trust ME! He doesn’t shame me. He invites me to trust Him. He also invites me with love. He invites you too.
I also talked to a friend this week who is struggling with his commitment.
It just happened that I was reading a daily message from John North about living a life commitment. Not just a life of commitment. Total Commitment. North said in his message,
“Living a life of total commitment to God isn’t just hard – it’s impossible! There has only ever been one person who was able to live that way and that was Jesus Christ. But the exciting reality of your life is that when you put your faith in Jesus, the Holy Spirit entered into your life and a spiritual change took place within you.
Jesus is saying to you today, “You can’t live the way you should. But I can; and I am in you!” Today, why don’t you invite Jesus to be the leader of your life? Invite Him to live His life in you: dead to sin, but alive to God. A life of total commitment is just what Jesus wants to live through you!”


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