This seven letter word has made me think lately…well, that and my middle daughter asking me the other day, “Mom, what’s your passion?”  I’ve been asked that before and my answer is still the same, “I don’t know, I’m a mom and I don’t have time for a passion”.

I love that my daughter is asking and pondering what her passion is, I just wish I could help her a little more in trying to figure out what hers may be.

Wednesday mornings, during the morning show, we have Life Coach Cecelia Dachtler in.  I thought she might just be the one to ask about passion.  What is it?  Where does it come from? How do we know if we have it?

Cecelia shared a great reminder about Jesus being passionate, just look at what He did for us by dying on the cross for us.  Finding you want to get to know Christ more, that’s a passion!

There were two other great points that I took away from her as well.

Think about what saddens you and gladdens you.  If there’s something that breaks your heart, which makes you feel led to help, and leaves you happy that you did, that just might be a passion.

And remember earlier how I mentioned that my answer has always been “I don’t know, I’m a mom and I don’t have time for a passion”.  Well, there is actually something to that!  If you think about it…we are passionate about our kids.  Sitting here thinking about it, I’m passionate about spending as much time with my girls as I can; watching them play sports, really getting to know the young ladies God is shaping them into, teaching and leading them in making good choices, and so on and so on.  AH HA!  I do have a passion!

If you are like me and wonder what your passion is, look around because you may already have one and not even know it!


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  • Betty J. Sandhurst says:

    Thank You for sharing that Lauren. I have been doing the same and searching for my passion or my purpose in life. You definitely shed a new light on my outlook. Greatly appreciated!

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