If you have heard the Danny Gokey song “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” on Life 96.5, you understand it’s a powerful song about getting yourself back up when you heart feels like it has been crushed. But the story behind the song is even more incredible…Randy Phillips of Phillips, Craig & Dean (Danny Gokey is covering that song) explains in this video why they wrote that song .

Read the lyrics and see the official music video here!


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  • Kim Hubbard says:

    This is my life right now. My mom just died, my husband asked for a divorce and I’m moving to Florida. This song couldn’t be better.

    1. Sandra E. says:

      I pray healing for you and pray you draw as close as you can get to our Lord and savior Jesus … I went through something similar. At the end of 2015 my Mom died and it was such a devistating loss! This song speaks to me still, she died of a massive heart attack.

  • Corinne Rock says:

    God woke me with this song. I was served divorce papers and within a week my mother died. I prayed for God to intervene in the divorce, to touch my husbands life and to restore our marriage. I do not believe I prayed amiss as God does not want a marriage to be torn apart. I continued to pray for my husband to show tenderness towards me, to forgive me for the mistakes I had made that contributed to the breakdown in our marriage. I tried to contact him but he never responded in any way. I found out just last friday that the divorce was final and that is was final two weeks before I even knew about it. I still love my now ex husband and will continue to pray for him until I have peace in my heart that he will never return to me. I know that God will continue to work in his life and maybe someday there will be restoration. Until my burden to quit praying for him is gone he will be in my prayers whenever his memory comes to mind. People have been divorced and then sometimes there is restoration. I believe God will either restore our relationship and we will remarry or my burden to pray for him will fade. I miss my mom but I know she is in heaven with her savior. I want Paul to be saved. That is my utmost desire for my prayer for him. I do not know what happened with you, Kim. When I saw your post I was so surprised because it was so similar to my situation. I moved about 2 1/2 hours away from where we had lived. I hope that Paul will be saved, that God will restore our relationship and that we will be married again. Most of all, that Paul will be saved. I am moving forward and God is blessing me and there is hope for the future. I pray for you Kim that you know that God is with you always.

    1. ResurrectionHope says:

      My heart goes out to everyone hoping & praying for restoration of dead marriages. There is the “she just stopped breathing” kind of dead, then there is the “but, Lord, he’s been in the gravesite 4 days” kind of dead. But our Lord, able to resurrect the deadest of dead to new life.

      My own personal story involves marriage and divorce. And prayers for reconciliation and restoration that I did not see answers to for 14+ years.

      Ultimately, marriage on this earth between a man and a woman is not the be all, end all. The be all, end all is Jesus. The greatest love is not in our relationships with each other, but in our relationship with Him. But because the Word says that marriage between a man and a woman represents Christ’s love for his church, I still pray for “dead” marriages, especially when one of the couple knows the Lord.

      This song is beautiful. Never knew the story that prompted it.

  • One of my favorite songs….brings tears to my eyes every time because it truly gets to the core of pain…LOVE IT>
    Prayers for all out there that need to get through from this painful time to the next step. One step at a time, although painful, with the Lord’s help will move you forward.

    Tell your broken heart, NOW, not in my own strength but in the strength of the Lord. I am doing the same thing.

  • Mikey Little says:

    Thsi song touches me so much danny gokey is such a amazing singer he has a great story behind him from when he auditioned to American idol till now he has his own struggles he goes through but telling you heart to breathe again would have to be my farvoite song by him

  • Barbara K says:

    Tell Your Heart To Beat Again literally saved my life. I had several devastating setbacks in my life about two years ago and was contemplating taking my own life. The name Danny Gokey came to my mind. Although I had heard about him from American Idol, I never listened to his music. I Google searched his name and the song Tell Your Heart To Beat Again came up. I listened to it and I cried and cried. I was reminded of God’s love and how He has been there and has carried me thruogh my setbacks and heart break in the past. I love this song. I thank Danny Gokey for singing this song and opening up his heart about his own struggles and the loss of his wife. Thank you. I live because you gave.

  • Will mcadams says:

    This song has gotten me through so much I have had bad thoughts because people call me gay at school and I’m not even gay and it gets hard sometimes and I lost this amazing girl because of mistakes I made but this song opened my eyes and told me to let my heart beat again and put my past behind me but thank you for the people who wrote this song

  • Alexis says:

    My grandmother died. Me and her were very close I could tell her anything and since she’s gone I keep it all inside. The song “tell your heart to beat again ” reminds me of my grandmother it always brings me to tears.

  • Rick James says:

    I heard this song a little over a year ago. I had just lost my wife of 43 years and was going home When I felt so alone and broken. I turned on the radio and this song had just started playing. I couldn’t believe how it spoke to me. It helped me get through the next week of planning a funeral with the help of my 4 adult children.
    Her funeral was planned and happened on Valentine’s Day of 2017. Since that time I have listened to it many times as to remind me I am just starting a new chapter and I don’t need to fear the future, or what is around the next corner. Gods got this.

  • Lindy Swanson says:

    This caught my attention because I’m experiencing palpitations in response to negative thoughts. I’m telling my heart to believe that God is greater than any negative thought. I will overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. God will never fail or forsake me! God is good–all the time. God is faithful, just, merciful, kind, loving, gracious, peace, patient … able to keep all that I have entrusted to Him! I will operate in the opposite spirit to the negative arrows the enemy shoots at me. I will overcome! WooHoo! Thank you, Jesus!

  • Judy Seaton says:

    My mom died into 2016 this song hits close to my heart because she really thought she was going to be okay she had complications and died from her heart surgery . I keep wishing that her story would be like how Danny Gokey told the story about the doctor that prayed for her and I was wishing it was like that for my mom. I hurt everyday for what she went through.. But know she wasn’t alone God was holding her hand to come home. I miss her terrible but I know I’ll see her again I can’t wait for that day.

  • Lauraine says:

    I posted this amazing story and beautiful song on my Facebook page in the hopes that it would reach others, struggling for one reason or another, with their own broken hearts, and bring them the same peace and comfort it did me ❤️

  • Claire S. says:

    This song spoke to me more figuratively than literally. My husband died 2 1/2 years ago & for the longest time it seems I’ve floundered my way through life. I met a wonderful man several months ago. He recently asked if there was ever going to be a chance for the two of us to make a life together because he felt that I was living in the past, and he couldn’t live there with me. Shortly thereafter I had the only dream I’ve had with my late husband in it. He told me to he couldn’t go any further on this journey with me, then urged me to walk through a door in front of me. I believe he was telling me that it’s time to tell my heart to beat again. ❤️

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