Why is it that once you start feeling the warmth of the spring sun after a dreary cold winter, you think you are going to tackle cleaning your whole house in 5 minutes?  There’s a sudden burst of energy and then the sun is going down and you’re still cleaning the same room you started with!  I agree, cleaning the whole house can be a huge feat, but if you do a little at a time, it seems a bit more doable.

Try spreading it out over a month where you are doing a little each day…


Day 1 – Kitchen cabinets
Day 2 – Oven and stove top
Day 3 – Small kitchen appliances
Day 4 – Refrigerator and freezer
Day 5 – Countertops and sink
Day 6 – Pots, pans and bakeware
Day 7 – Disposal and drain


Day 8 – Countertops and sinks
Day 9 – Toilet and drains
Day 10 – Shower and bathtub
Day 11 – Bath mats and shower curtains

Whole House

Day 12 – Windows and screens
Day 13 – Ceilings, including vents and fans
Day 14 – Walls
Day 15 – Baseboards
Day 16 – Curtains and drapes
Day 17 – Window blinds
Day 18 – Dusting
Day 19 – Clean upholstery
Day 20 – Vacuum and/or shampoo carpet
Day 21 – Wash floors
Day 22 – Wash garbage cans
Day 23 – Electronics screens, door knobs and switch plates


Day 24 – Vacuum/clean mattress
Day 25 – Wash bedding
Day 26 – Wash pillows
Day 27 – Kids toys

Laundry Room

Day 28 – Washing machine and dryer

Day 29 – Front and back door
Day 30 – Entryway and/or mudroom
Day 31 – Deck / driveway / porch

Crossing items off of your to-do list always gives you that sense of accomplishment, so here’s a printable list .  Then, the next time someone asks you what you have been up to all day, instead of saying “nothing” you can whip out this bad boy!

Happy Cleaning!  You’re one step closer to a fresher home!


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