Sometimes it can be hard to figure out just what that special someone in your life wants.  Christmas is hard enough to figure out, right?  When it comes to moms, who are pretty selfless, it may be easier than you think!  Especially with these helpful hints…

1. Let momma sleep – Dad, you may have to guard the bedroom door so the kids don’t attack mom early in the morning.  Even the slow, creaking of the door could wake your sleeping beauty up and trust me, you want her to remain a “beauty” when she wakes…no what I’m sayin’!  If momma ain’t happy…

2. Allow mom to take a bath uninterrupted.  If she longs for a nice, hot bath – how about grabbing some nice bath salts and lotion from the store, turn on a little music, have her robe and slippers ready, maybe a little chocolate and her favorite drink waiting.  Even if your little one’s favorite color changed from pink to purple during bath time (which we know is very important info) it can wait.

3. Allow mom to be off food duty.  Even if it means ice cream on a toaster strudel for every meal.  It’s okay, the kids’ teeth can rot for one day.

4. A day where the kids get along.  Just 24 hours of ceasefire, both physical and verbal 🙂

5. The best gift this mom received… clean car

6. And finally, even though we need to get away at times, on this day we would love to just be with all of you crazy cats. Just because I don’t want to feed you or listen to you whine and fight on this special day, it doesn’t mean that I don’t want to enjoy every precious moment with you.  After all, moms love being moms.

FYI…DO call your mom to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, and if she’s close, do it face to face.  Please, oh please, whatever you do, DON’T just send a text.


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