I thank God each and everyday I open my eyes. Hi I’m Nancy, and I was told by my doctors I’m a walkin talkin miracle. It was October 8, 2010 I had a bad accident, I lost my spleen and part of my lower lobe of my liver. For the next few days I was loosing blood and receiving blood, it was the 14 of October that day I had a ephinany. I was going to Die. I talked to GOD and asked for his grace and mercy for me and my family. I told him he could use me for a purpose but thy will be done. Well I was right the next day I died talking to my husband. I threw a clot a pulmonary embolism I coded for 43 minutes, they got me back to OR and I went into DIC and bleed out on the table which then resulted in cardiac arrest. It took 70 lbs of blood , and blood products plasma, red blood cells and fluid to save me. The doctors said my blood was like Koolaid.
Through all of this after I woke up I felt blessed, I knew that GOD had worked in me. My left hand was black and oozing the result of my episode. On November 9 they amputated my left hand. I never cryed over loosing my hand, because it was a blessing I was still alive, GOD heard my prayer, I would never be the same again, i was blessed in so many ways. I could of been paralyzed, brain dead, brain damage, left with so many health complications, but GOD made me whole. I had a near death experience which has changed my whole life for the better, he continues to lead me day by day to the day of my eternal rest by his side.

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