Divorce is never fun. I was together with her for 20 years married for 14. She cheated on me and it devastated my world. She had a child because of that. I tried to make the world right for years and years. I cant fix all things only one can. This year she forced the divorce and there is no fixing it no turning back. I tried as a good Christian and husband and now father of not one with her but three great girls. I cant fix the abuse my wife put me through. I was heart broken as so far she has forced it to be only supervised visitation. in 81 days I got only 5 conversations that lasted less than 4 minutes each with the girls. I finally got to see two of the three girls for an hour at the family visitation center. An hour while still unfair and uncalled for was better than the last 81 days. I sat in the car and while preparing to leave the song ..Good Good Father crossed the air and It was Awesome to hear and powerful. I have people coming out from all over to help including the lawyer. this will get resolved. The music you play has helped me over and over again.

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