It sounds like the lyrics to a bad country music ballad, but when I say “my heart left town without me”, a mom or dad whose nest is emptying probably understands the concept.

We packed up the family van, a little less full than last year, but still, all the essentials of life were in there for just one of us. It was the move back to the college dorm, and our first born, now well past the uncertainties of being a freshman, has the confidence and excitement of someone looking forward to what’s ahead. Totally pumped is probably a more accurate description of our particular student.

And we, dad and mom, are truly excited for our kiddo.

As parents, we are filled with joy when it goes well with our children–when they are healthy, happy and successful. And when things are not so well, our hearts are torn and sometimes break. When they hurt, we want to take over, to walk through it for them, hover and fix. But. No.

We begin, often with uninspired resolve, to step back and to cheer them on from a bit of a distance as they launch into their life. We help–when wisdom says yes. But we let them go. And our heart goes with them. But it is the way things should be.

Do you realize that we are God’s heartbeat? He has invested everything in us. . .even the very life blood of His perfectly human and fully divine son Jesus.

And while He continues to love and nurture us, God allows us to choose much about our own life and our future. Hover and fix? No. Help? Yes. When His wisdom says yes. But He lets us experience life. And He loves when we spend time telling Him all about it, asking Him when we need something, and celebrating and giving thanks for all He has done to make it possible.

Maybe you are still new in your faith. Or perhaps you are a more seasoned soul. God has dreams for you–plans and hopes for your future. Have you stepped out in faith, leaving the comfort and familiarity of a seemingly secure life, and into the vision of possibilities God sees for you in your life yet to be lived?

He’s your Father. He will be with you. He will always be with you, cheering you on, now and through all eternity. And His heart is with you, too. It is the way things should be.

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  • Lois Wollman says:

    Love your thoughts! I get the heart thing…we left our firstborn for her freshman year at North Central University in Minneapolis this fall. God is faithful; texting keeps us connected; and joy overflows as we see her blossoming and following God’s leading in her life.

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