Yesterday morning I had a God moment. Tensions have been running a little high between co-workers at work and we’re all in need of God’s grace. For ourselves and for each other. I’ve been praying and doing my best to extend more grace to others. Yesterday morning as I was getting into the car the song, “Great are You Lord” by All Sons and Daughters playing in my head. Specifically the lyric, “It’s Your breath in my lungs”. I kid you not, as soon as I started the car, that song was playing on the radio! It felt like a little message to me saying, “Yes, I see you looking toward me and I am here!” It really made yesterday go so much smoother! Also, Tuesday morning when it was pouring rain in the morning, the sun was rising beautifully in the east and there was a rainbow to the west! Another great way to start the day!
Thank you for this station and the care you extend to the region!

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