As a child and a teenager, I struggled with abuse in the home from my adopted dad. I lost touch with God and my relationship hung by a thread. My mom found out about the abuse and separated from my adopted father. Shortly afterwards, my grandfather died. It was then that I “died” inside and no longer believed in God.
When I met my now husband he took me to church one day and the pastor read from Isaiah 43. It was like he was reading it directly to me. Since that day I have regained my faith in God and have developed a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite losing 3 babies through miscarriages, God has provided and has given us two amazing children. God is first and foremost in everything in my life and all of the choices that I make. Though I am far from perfect and the journey is still hard sometimes, I know that Jesus won’t ever leave me behind. He never has, and he never will!

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