First of all I want to say that my wonderful wife recommended I listen to your station; I love the music and the message – great and uplifting are both.
My wonderful wife had heard on your station about the Behold He Knocks mens gathering at Brandon Valley Assembly of God which I attended on October 21st and 22nd.
Having never been to a gathering such as this, I did not know what to expect. I was completely overwhelmed with the powerful Grace of God during a prayer session in which we prayed to forgive those in our lives who have harmed us or caused us pain. I had been holding on to decades of pain, anger, and anxiety from circumstances in my life caused by family members. During this forgiveness prayer session I was finally able to hand all of this pain over to God and he vanquished it from me. I have complete forgiveness in my heart and soul now, and for the past couple of weeks I have experienced a peace I have never known could exist, and I have our Lord and Savior to thank – Hallelujah!
I pray that others will be able to experience this transformation in their lives through God’s Grace. Amen.

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