Usually, we try to set goals for the new year that can be unattainable.  We have good intentions, but then March comes around and we are like “goals?  What goals?”

So here’s what I’m proposing.  Let’s just shoot for small goals this year (I mean really small goals..hee hee) and see what can be accomplished!  Then, we are all winners!!  Right??

Here are some very, very minimal “goals” for you to try…

  • At some point in 2015, go get that thing that you dropped under the bed
  • Pick a new hobby, do it once, then forget about it
  • Cook ONE non-terrible meal this year
  • You can brush your teeth for just a little longer than normal
  • Go outside…sometimes
  • Take the stairs. Maybe.
  • Check your voicemail
  • Go see the doctor about that issue that you’ve been putting off
  • Change your sheets
  • Get out of bed after your FIRST alarm.  Just once.  Just to see what its like!
  • Consider going for a jog.  Really consider it.
  • Don’t always eat peanut butter out of the jar, put it on toast sometimes
  • Call your grandma
  • (this one especially for my children) Hang up your clothes.  Just once.

I feel like this is gonna be a GREAT year, don’t you?!?!


3 Responses to "New Year’s resolutions for the minimally-inspired"

  • Rebecca B. says:

    This is seriously the BEST New Year’s list EVAH! I am so excited to feel as tho I’m finally going to accomplish something in a new year. But first … lemme get some coffee.

    1. lbanik says:

      I know Rebecca, right??? Yes, baby steps. You definitely want to pace yourself and don’t achieve too much too fast!!! Have an AWESOME New year my dear and enjoy that coffee!! ~ Lauren

  • Cindy Keizer says:

    The year has passed for #1 already?! Scratch that one off the list. 🙂
    Good stuff. But who’s the judge on #3? If it’s the kids, we may not have agreement on whether it’s “non-terrible” or not. Thanks, Lauren!

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