God’s Perfect Timing

I was just listening to you on the radio and you were speaking about “God’s timing” in answering our prayers and you stated that God’s timing is different than ours and sometimes it could take a long time to receive an answer to prayer. Well, that happened to me. Three years ago, I finally got an answer to my prayer of 43 years!

You see, when I was a senior in high school, I was pregnant and my parents thought it was best for me to give my child up for adoption and that if I did, he would have a better life. I had prayed since the adoption for his well-being, his health, be raised in a Christian home and to know God. As time went on, any children he might have.

After I graduated from high school, I married a a few months later, not the baby’s father but he knew of my “first born”. We had four children and we never shared with them about my “first born” child. I lost my husband in 2010 to cancer. I was very devastated and every day I prayed for joy to return to my life.

In January 2014, I was reading “The First Born” series by Karen Kingsbury. That got me to thinking “what would I do if my son walked into my life?” I had this overwhelming need to tell God that I was giving this situation over to Him and that if it wasn’t His will for me to meet my child while on this earth, that I would in Heaven someday and I was OK with that. I finally felt at peace about this situation.

June of 2014, I received a phone call from the adoption agency stating that the child I gave up for adoption was searching for medical information and they were wondering if I could give that to my son. Mind you, this was a closed adoption and I was told that I would never be able to search for him nor him me. I was a little more than shocked and surprised at how this phone call was even a possibility.

I gave the person from the adoption agency all the information that I felt would be necessary for my son to know. The person shared with me some personal information about my son. Enough information that I knew he was OK, had a good childhood and that he was happy. The person from the adoption agency stated that my son was open to talking to me and asked if I wanted his number. I informed the person that this was a closed adoption and that I felt that I didn’t have a “right” to contact him. I stated that if she wanted, she could give him my number and if he wanted to contact me that would be OK.

He called me two weeks later! I had missed his phone call a week earlier. We talked for over 3 hours then communicated via Facebook Messenger that night. We exchanged phone numbers and began texting. My “first born” was planning on coming to South Dakota to visit his adoptive family that July and asked if I wanted to meet him and his children. Of course I did. I asked if he wanted to meet any of his siblings and he was open to that. Our first meeting went amazing well. I was in awe of how much he looked like my other children. How his mannerisms were very similar. There is so much more I could share but it would take much longer. It truly is an amazing story and an answer to prayer.

As of today, we are very close and I visit him and his family often. As it turns out, he is only 2 ½ hours away from my oldest son who lives on the east coast too. This couldn’t have turned out any better. I have my “first born” in my life and 3 additional grandchildren. God is Good!

If the picture does come through, it is of all 5 of my children and me. I am in the middle of my two daughters. My “first born” is on the right in the back row. This was taken at my father’s funeral in April of 2015.

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    Blown away from your story Jeanie! One of the jobs I have here at Life 96.5 is following up with those who share stories. Can you contact me in email at BRPeterson2@unwsp.edu I would like to set up a chance to have a conversation on the phone. Your story can encourage others on the air too! Thank you!!!

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