We recently moved to Sioux Falls from a small Iowa town when my husband felt the calling to become a pastor. I had a job i loved, my kids were settled in the school they’d known their entire lives, life was perfect. We were blessed with a very comfortable life surrounded by friends and family. We had the home i always wanted and a yard we spent every free moment in. We now live in a 2 bed room apartment with no yard. I was so depressed when I moved here, I was almost angry at God, i felt like God lied to us in a way. Here we are in a new city, no friends, but some family we don’t see very often, and I thought He would bless us with everything I wanted because i followed him. Then one day while on Facebook this post from someone popped up that said “Ruth didn’t go back to what was familiar. She stepped out in faith and walked into the unknown. Her courage brought her divine destiny. Don’t look back.” (A MODERN DAY RUTH)
I felt such peace at that moment. I accepted we are here this is our palace now and our job is to love and serve the Lord no matter where we are.
Thank you Life 96.5 for the encouragement to get me thru the tough days, the lonely homesick days. I would be list with out you.

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  • brpeterson2 says:

    Hey Stephanie! Thank you for sharing your story. Is there anyway i could talk to you on the phone sometime soon to hear more of your story. Your story can have great impact on others. My email is BRPeterson2@unwsp.edu. Thank you for considering it.

    Brad Peterson
    Life 96.5 morning show

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