My brother struggles with an alcohol and drug addiction, along with many other things. He has made some very costly mistakes in his life. Because of these mistakes he feels that he is worthless and wants to die. He stuffers from servere depression and is suicidal. As his sister, all these things worry me. I love him very much but I’m very scared for him. I’ve been praying him for a little while now but God has his own timing for everything. Tonight there was a lot of drama with him and I just broke down. I prayed and prayed to the Lord. I begged him to reach my brother and help him, then I sat in silence with the Lord. Once I was able to relax I pulled out my Bible and prayed for God to take control of my entire arm. To guide me to a verse that can help me get through this trial in my life. Once I got done praying, I took a moment of silence and let the holy spirit fill me. Then I felt it. I felt my arm relax and move without my control. I closed my eyes and let the Lord guide me. He guided me to 1 Samuel 14:23

So on that day the Lord saved Israel, and the battle moved on beyond Beth Aven.

The Lord had answered my prayer. My worry and stress disappeared.

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