What a blessing! Thank you for your blowing away all expectations with your kindness during March!

A big thank you from Jackie Bailey at Peace Lutheran:

“We are “rolling” out a HUGE thank you to Life 96.5 and the community for the tremendous response to the ask for toilet paper for the Necessities for Neighbors ministry.  It may have sounded funny to start off with, but your generous outpouring helped 386 families receive between 8 and 12 rolls each at our distribution on Sunday, April 2nd.  Along with the toilet paper, the families were provided with detergent, feminine products and diapers,  Your generous contributions have helped these families receive products that cannot be purchased with food stamps.”

“It was exciting to be a part of the roll call and hear the numbers increase as more and more toilet paper came pouring in.  Along with individuals that responded with donations, we were blessed by the actions of a few that brought the challenge to their co-workers (like Vern Eide who brought in over 1000 rolls, the Brandon Band that collected over 300 rolls and Capital Card Services that also brought in 300 rolls)  Large donations by Messiah New Hope and Westminster Presbyterian also added to the total.  A 4 year old preschool class at Discovery collected and even wrapped around 100 rolls!   One of our vendors at Peace has promised an ongoing gift of a case (96 rolls) of toilet paper each month!  There are so many of these great stories of those that were inspired to give.  So…the grand total brought in from so many caring and loving people in our community amounted to 6,568 rolls!!  Words can’t express the gratitude felt in knowing how many people were helped this month.    We are also so thankful for those that came to serve – 51 in all.  Many came through the Life 96.5 website signups as well as students from Augustana and at least 6 different churches.”

“Again, thank you to Life 96.5 for caring to add this ministry to their Hands and Feet opportunity.   The enthusiasm that grows when a need is expressed and God’s people hear the call and respond is so inspiring.   It truly is God’s Work – Our Hands….”

Learn more about how you can help the on-going ministry of Necessities for Neighbors HERE.

Some pictures from the distribution on April 2nd:



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