well i lately have been having some negative thoughts about what, who when where the money was gonna come from to pay the extra bills that are starting to come in from the hospitals doctors ect. so i did some extra praying see i am a disable worker and my wife is the bread winner of the house, I would like to help out more with the little i bring on ssi disability just don’t pay much. well back to my extra praying well i think he has answered my pray the other morning i was sitting in the easy chair with my dog, i was surfing on facebook and i seen it was may day i am like and it just came to me and the words went on the paper and a poem was born.so since then the good lord has blessed me several times maybe this is my calling and before i wasn’t ready for it. well now is my time god is on my side i have written 5 poems since i started this one i want to share with you is a ( Mothers Day Poem) it is written for my mother alice fay and my wife’s mother diana mabel Happy Mothers Day Alice Fay and Diana Mabel too whom both have passed away too short their life were lived All the Mothers here and gone we cherish in every way. So your children from far and near come with open arms to give her hugs, and kisses,for moms Special Day

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