My story that lead me to 96.5. In April 2016, I went to Omaha, with my Bible Study group, to a Beth Moore Conference. It was amazing and I was very moved by the music. Is was so uplifting. After the conference, we all went out to eat. I was asking my friends about a specific song, that moved me, but I couldn’t remember the name/title of the song. One of my friends says, just listen to 96.5. I said what’s 96.5? She said a radio station in Sioux Falls, just put your car radio on that station and you will hear the song again. So the next day, I did just as she said. My radio station has never changed since. I feel so much closer to my God. So one day I was teaching a fellow church member how to bake. We started talking about music and I said, have you ever listened to 96.5? they play Christian music. The response was a firm no with a crinkled eyebrow. I instantly knew to not bring up this subject again. So a few weeks later I was sitting in my home office, listening to 96.5. Then I got a shoulder nudge and God who said text the church member and ask to change radio to 96.5. I laughed and said, you know how that turned out before!!! God responded, Hurry UP.
I said ok. I picked up my phone and sent this text ” Just for today, please turn your car radio to 96.5. If after 24 hours you decide you do not like it, then I will not ask you to listen again.” I received a text back that said….oh okay..( I sensed an eye roll with this statement). Much to my surprise, with in 10min, I received another text that said ” I love this song” then 30 min another text that said…”this song is awesome!” These texted continued all day long. Today, we both share this story, because we both know that God brought us together to help one another. To share his goodness and grace.

Incidentally, this fellow church member was a drug addict and dealer for 25 years, but has been clean for a year and a half. Everyone needs a friend, despite their past. So I try to not stand in judgement and walk beside others in need. I feel this is what God wants all of us to do.
My church friend made it to RiseFest that year and this year is considering volunteering at Risefest. God is Good 🙂

I’m not including any photo, in an effort to protect the identity of my friend.

Thank you for letting me share.

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