Givers just being givers in May.

The receivers? Family Visitation Center. More precisely, your response to the May Hands and Feet project will bless children for months to come served by FVC in Sioux Falls.

“We were delighted to watch the parade of arts and craft supplies and kits that came through our front door all month,” said director Luke Comeau. “We have proof that the scene was repeated throughout the month at Hobby Lobby and the Life 96.5 studios.”

Many moms and dads took their kids shopping for things they would find interesting to do if they were at home. It was a great gauge on what to buy for the Center.

“Equally important, non-custodial adults will have creative ‘masterpieces’ to treasure and give them encouragement,” added Comeau. “Seeing projects created with love and enthusiasm may be just the motivation they need to work their program, to make lifestyle changes required to improve their situation.  This would not be possible without the outpouring of your generous hearts.  We are humbled.”

Pack a Project 4

Pack a Project 5

Pack a Project 6

Pack a Project 7

Comeau said contributions came from families, students, sororities, Bible study groups, churches, businesses and children who had previously been served at Family Visitation Center.

“What a blessing to watch the gleam in the eyes of the young and not-as-young donors,” said Comeau. “You can’t put a price on the satisfaction that both the “giver” and the “receiver” receive…not to mention us observers!”

In the May Hands and Feet collection, Family Visitation Center received colors, markers, colored pencils, pipe cleaners, pom poms, glue, glue sticks, feathers, pine cones, blank notecards, buttons, craft sticks, washable paint, tissue paper, craft beads, embroidery floss, foam sheets, stickers, construction paper, loom and bands, brushes, rubber stamps, cotton balls, clear contact paper, brown lunch bags, white bags, how to draw books, fabric, origami paper, thread, scrapbooking supplies, sun catcher kits, fashion headband kits, stunt glider plane kits, stunt squadron kit, and so much more!

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