3 years ago I lost my best friend, my husband. We did everything together, always. He started attending church with me and the minute he walked through the doors, God was working in him. In his final journey, I knew he had accepted Jesus into his heart. Yes, I miss him every day, but through this bump in my road, I began serving at church, I joined a life group, I volunteer every opportunity I can. God has given me the desire to get into his word each day, and more importantly I share his love confidently to those I have contact with each day. My family and grandkids share that same love. About that same time I started listening to 96.5..now that is all I have on in my car and home. Those special songs come just at the right times I need them. Some day I would like to meet Ryan. I love to hear him and the words of encouragement I get from him. I do love all of you, too. Thanks for coming into my life. The journey is easier and I know I will never walk alone

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