We’re just 12 & 13 years old, but God has worked through us already! Here’s our story:

One day, we randomly decided that, hey, a Bible Study for girls our age could be really helpful. One of us had just moved and had just started going to church again for the first time in years, and the other had decided to try out the new church, too. Right after church, we were full of energy and ready to serve God however we could. We listened to Life 96.5 all day, and the next day, God planted the idea! Now, just a few days later, we’ve created an entire Bible Study group for girls like us! Now, we just need to find a few more girls that want to be a part of it. Our group, AMPLIFIED Bible Studies, plans to AMPLIFY God’s Word and His love to the world in whatever ways we can! Here’s the website in case you’re interested: www.AmplifyHim.simplesite.com

Thank you for being an inspiration, and for keeping us joyful during this journey!

-Codi & Alexa

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