HI everybody, I want to tell you my story. Today I am honored to listen life 965 because it has a huge impact on me and also going to events like city fest and every event I go to, everyone is very welcoming. Life light City Fest changes my life and I hope everyone changes their lives at Life Light City Fest. I can’t think of a better venue than Sioux falls canaries stadium, I love LifeLight, and I can’t think of a better Christian music Festival. I want to do this to honor of my grandparents and friends and pray for those in Texas and all over the world because I want to make a huge impact on my high school friends and everything.

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  • Kim says:

    Since my father passed away suddenly in 2013 I’ve had trouble with my religion. I slowly got myself back with God until a few weeks ago my son and daughter-in-law had a still born baby! I was very mad at God because why make them suffer at such a young age. A few days after laying baby Molly to rest I got into my car and as I was driving I noticed something strange. My radio station was playing religious music, I never played this station. I suddenly realized it was God who was telling me it was ok and Molly was happy and my son would be ok. Now I listen to it everyday and have a feeling of warmth come over me. I brought out a butterfly decoration to my granddaughters grave site and the next day sitting outside a butterfly was flying around me and entered my house and then flew away. I knew right away it was my father and Molly blessing me and my home by letting me know they are with me. God works in blessed ways.

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