Throughout my childhood I was always pretty quiet and didn’t really have any friends. When I turned 18 I met a group of people that became my friends but unfortunately I made choices that were not good. Smoked, drank, did things that didn’t bring increase to my life. At the time I felt so “cool” and thought this was what life was all about. Well this continued for almost a year. I ended up moving out of state due to not getting along with my mother. I moved out with my dad and continued making wrong choices until I became pregnant. Fast forward to when I had my son.. I would talk to my mom over the phone and she would read me a bible verse here and there. Eventually I had the desire to seek God more. I found a church and repented from all my sins and accepted God as my Savior! From that day forward my life changed for the better. I am so grateful to God that he was there waiting for me to turn to him to show me how much he loves me. I know that no matter what life throws at me I will never battle it alone. God has given me that peace in my heart that we try to fill with temporary things. Just thinking back about everything that could have gone wrong makes me feel so grateful that he was always there with me. Thank you Jesus!

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