In Sept of 2016 my husband and I welcomed our first child into this world. Our son, Derrick, spent nearly 2 months in the NICU immediately after being taken by c section, after failure to progress. After a few hours we learned our son had a very rare heart condition in which the NICU had never seen, only heard of. Severe right ventricular hypertrophy. His heart was bigger that the left lobe of his lungs. B/c of this his breathing started to rapidly decline as well and he was intubated after a few days. Doctors told us to prepare for the worst- they had never seen such an enlarged heart and they were not sure how long he could survive. His case was forwarded to the transplant team at the University of IA. All we could do was pray and hope God would allow us to keep our sweet baby boy. My husband and I clung to our faith, clung to one another, and asked as many people as we could reach out to, to pray for baby Derrick. My husband and I watched our son steadily decline and we finally had to bring ourselves to have a conversation with God about being okay with Him taking care of our baby whether it be on earth or in Heaven. After giving everything we possible could to our Lord and spreading our prayer request across the nation; one month after his stay in the NICU the pediatric cardiologist sat down with us displaying a baffled look on his face.The doctor stated Derrick’s heart had shrunk down to almost normal size, in a matter of less than one week. He could not explain this. He had never heard of this, he just shook his head with a big smile on his face in disbelief. The same day this happened news was delivered to us, my Grandmother had passed away. Before receiving either piece of news that day, I observed a cloud breaking up in the sky as I pulled up to the hospital- it stopped breaking up as soon as it held the perfect shape of a cross- it was the most peaceful and reassuring sign God had shown me through this journey. I shared this picture of the cross with my family, not knowing this would be their sign ALSO from God- providing peace and comfort through morning my Grandmothers death.

Derrick is now thriving and loving life. He brings joy and excitement to everyone and anyone he meets. I still cannot comprehend the Greatness of God, after such a journey- to bestow such a beautiful gift upon my husband and myself- our son. Life is such a gift. I will never underestimate the power of prayer. The power of prayer in numbers. I will forever surrender my control and faith to God, he is the one who gives and takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord forever.

I listen to Life 96.5 everyday and the stories bring me to tears almost everyday- hearing God work in the lives of other. God has been pushing me to share our story for a while now- I know it’s a long story but I hope it can be condensed to touch the lives of others as well. God Bless.

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