Growing up I have known that God is there and that he gave his son Jesus for our sins, but didn’t understand. I carried this through until I was married to my first wife. That if when I lost all faith, drank, and hung around with the wrong crowd. We later had a daughter, but have since divorced in 2008. During that time I was Drinking, but drinking more and more, hanging around with people that the devil would even question, and treating women as an accessory. I then meet my current wife and we have three daughters and one boy on the way this year. She is helped me get my life back and we then sought out God.
We were new to our faith and were already being tested. My father was diagnosed with prostrate cancer. We prayed for him as he went through surgery and didn’t have to have treatment. This was a blessing. A few years later I was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer at age 29 and we now had two children. I have very rigorous treatment. My family by my side I have beaten this disease, but not before we were tested for the third time.
In 2013 my father was feeling sick and very tired and ended up going into the ER. A few hours later we were called in to the hospital. He was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. This was devastating as we later found out we were expecting our third daughter. Once my father started treatment it was a long road.
We had our daughter in 2014 and my father and her were inseparable. If she cried and he was around, all he had to do was pick her up and she would stop.
My father was rebounding when he started to feel ill again. The Dr started testing and found that the cancer had spread to his bones and liver. This was in June 2015. He had to have surgery to repair bones and put in a port for treatment. He wasn’t getting better. They started to perform other tests and then found that the cancer was spreading faster than before. They then gave my father three months to live. This was July 2015.
The chemo stopped working so my dad stopped treatment. He then declined in health. the pain was so severe that he was on prescribed pain relief. This would cause hallucinations, Nashua, and tiredness. This was devastating to watch the man that was a ROCK fall so far and require you to hold him up as he walked.
This only lasted for a few days and then we had to go to hospice care. We prayed that God would take his pain away and allow him to be comfortable. The day that we prayed this my father passed. Through this we had faith, and this allowed us to discuss things that many could not. God works in many ways even though we don’t realize this. He passed on August 8, 2015, My fathers name was Tim Merrick and he was the strongest, honest, caring, faithful man I will know besides Jesus Christ. With faith we can over come so many obstacles. God Bless

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