My name is Taylor Van Emmerik, I am 13 years old and live in Tea SD but Parker SD will always be my home. Anyways I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis when I was just 9 years old. At first when I was first diagnosed I was scared and felt lonely because I knew no one with Juvenile Arthritis. In fact I didn’t even know what arthritis meant. I remember that night I came home and went to bed and then the radio station I usually listen to all of a sudden turns off. Then LIFE 96.5 comes on and I was lifted up so high I couldn’t even remember the pain I was having. In that point I realized that God still cared about someone disabled like me and he was watch me and had not given up on me. I also at that point knew he had a plan for me. Since then I keep having ideas pop into my head on what I need to do and how it will come together. God was popping those ideas into my head not me. He wants me to tell the world that arthritis effects more people than we know, that arthritis can do more damage than we think, and that God is there for all people keeps faith even if we don’t. Since then I have done prep rallies wear blue for arthritis days, and much more. I am so grateful for this station because this station has made it so I would realize what my faith is and made it stronger and me stronger I will keep on fighting and share the word of God. It is all because of this station. Thank You So Much.

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