Thank you for showing Christ’s love during February! YOU joined with Life 96.5 staff at Sallie’s Table this month, preparing and serving up hot meals on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Marcie Priestley from Salvation Army says “the month was filled with blessings.”

For the month of February 40 volunteers gave 75 hours of their time at Sallie’s Table by serving meals to 731 people! 

Marcie says the feedback has been encouraging and very positive. When the volunteer spots were filled for February, she started scheduling into March and April!

Marcie also says:  We had a mother and son who volunteered together one Saturday evening. The young man is five years old so we set them up to serve dessert in the dining hall.  He was such a great helper, passing out ice cream cups to those who came for a meal.  One lady had a hard time
carrying her meal so he jumped up and assisted her to the table.  It was wonderful watching him interact with everyone as they came up to the table for their dessert.”

“We also had a group of three ladies from northwest Iowa who heard about the opportunity on Life 96.5.  They were coming to Sioux Falls for a girls weekend and decided to add volunteering at Sallie’s Table as part of their trip.  How awesome is that!  They were such a blessing!  They warmly welcomed each person who came through the line
and treated them like the wonderful children of God they are.  One of the woman who came for a meal has a service dog.  One of the ladies had just bought a big bag of dog
food and asked me if she could offer it to the lady.  She said, “I can always get another bag”.  She went out to the dining hall, spoke with the woman and brought the dog
food back it to her.”

Stories like these are made possible because YOU choose to bless others by being the physical hands and feet of Jesus. Thank you again for giving your time to serve others.

Volunteers are welcome throughout the year to help at Sallie’s Table. Other opportunities with Salvation Army include the Paint-a-thon which helps senior adults who need their house painted but cannot do it themselves or afford to hire painters. The monthly Senior Commodity distribution is another opportunity which provides boxes of food and delivers them to seniors in need. You can learn more about these opportunities by contacting Marcie Priestley at 605-338-6649 ext 317.

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