This isn’t really a story, just something I’ve noticed. Often I will be listening to 96.5 and get to my destination only to sit in my car listening to, say Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United or Overwhelmed (Big Daddy Weave) and I’ll crank it up, sing along and become completely infused with the power of the Holy Spirit or feeling fully at rest in the hands of God. Sometimes tears. Sometimes smiles. Always a closer connection to God. The appointment, or whatever, can wait! A few weeks ago I pulled up next to a car in a parking lot. It wasn’t moving, although it was running. I thought I’d ask her if she needed help so I walked up to her and saw and heard her listening to Redeemed. Our eyes met and we both smiled, sharing our faith. Since then I’ve noticed others: people just sitting in their cars, perhaps waiting in parking lots, traffic jams, for childcare pickup…whatever. Singing. Praying. Being fed with the bread of life. I like to believe that whatever we think we’re waiting for is nowhere near important as making time to feed our faith. Thank you for helping make that happen throughout Sioux Falls.

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