I have made an intentional choice to become Uncomfortable for Christ. I know, sounds weird. Why would anyone want to be Uncomfortable on Purpose? Read below and find out. It’s been life changing!

On April 28th, my brother, Judd, and I will be doing a 24 Hour Challenge/Walk for Kenya event in/around Sioux Falls. We are raising awareness and support for a mission group traveling to Kenya this summer. They will be the hands/feet of Christ while at the Kakauswi School for the Deaf, near Tawa, Kenya. We are going to see how far we can walk in 24 hours and all contributions go to the Mission Team. We are challenging ourselves to go over 70 miles.

How is this making us/ME Uncomfortable for Christ? Here are a few of the ways:

Since October of 2017, I have committed myself to walking almost daily in all sorts of weather. This walking has all been outside. When you see what it’s like out today, imagine being out there just walking to prepare for an event over 6 months away. Imagine when it was below zero. Imagine when it rained and then snowed on top of the frozen rain. Imagine the wind chill. Yep-Out there walking in the mornings when it’s Dark. Close to 800 miles walked so far. I have also shared my faith publicly to others to raise support for others. I have spoke to people I have not seen in years about what I am doing. I have asked Non-Christians to help me, I’m sure. I have asked for HELP from others, which is not a characteristic of mine. I have had to listen more and talk less at times. I have had to be apart of something bigger than myself to be there for those who need it most. I have had to be patient, more caring and think of others when it got tough to train for this event. I have had to put my Faith to the test and believe. I have had to be consistent. I have prayed more, thought of Christ more and I have thought about how LITTLE I have done in the PAST.

In the end, I remember that this is a CHOICE that I made. I remembered what HE did for me and it makes what I am doing seem such a little price to pay to HELP others. We all can do something. WE have to make the CHOICE to DO IT! It has to be personal. You can do it, just make the choice and get going and make a difference in someone else’s LIFE. Show them how God is moving in you.

Check out our Mission Team website/donations page at: www.hisgoodnews.com/walk-for-kenya

Thanks for listening.

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