When it comes to prayer, we tend to think a lot about what to say, but Pastor Adam Weber wonders whether we spend as much time on the most important part of communicating with God – listening.

We have more to do and more places to be than ever before. We also have more things than ever to distract us from hearing God’s voice. Adam shares some tips on how to be a better listener.

“Just basic things. Giving God a chance to speak. First, I’d say just invite Him. ‘Lord – is there something that you want me to do today? Something that you want me to see today?'”

“So once we’ve invited Him, then it’s as simple as turning off the T.V.. As simple as, when it gets warm enough to roll down the windows in your car, rolling down the windows and just saying, ‘God I’m all yours, and I want to hear from you.'”

Adam shares about the times and places when listening comes easiest for him.

“Oftentimes, for myself, when I most clearly am able to hear God’s voice are on walks at night. And I’ll be wrestling with something, and I’ll tell God specifically what I’m wrestling with. And then the rest of the time I’m walking, and I just listen. ‘Lord, would You just help me to sense You?'”

“And really, when it comes to listening, I think the best time with God is in His Word, the Bible. Really getting in there and knowing what God’s voice sounds like. That’s the foundation, getting in the word. When we really have God’s word in our lives and overflowing from our heart, those moments of just being still and inviting God to speak – time and time again, He speaks so clearly.”

On the Road with Adam Weber

Adam Weber is the founder and leader pastor of Embrace Church – a multi site congregation in South Dakota & Minnesota continually recognized as one of America’s fastest growing churches. His book on prayer, , has just been re-released in softcover with a brand new chapter on listening to God.

3 Responses to "Listening to God"

  • Marge Mellendorf says:

    Great book, LISTENING i agree we must learn to hear God and wait and do all things with God.

    1. Ryan Thomas says:

      Well said, Marge! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  • Rita Beckman says:

    My brother was 55 when he died.
    Thanks to trusting in God I got to be a part of his journey back to Christ in the few last short months he had left on this earth. My brother was admitted into hospital 1st week in August 2017. You see he hadn’t lived such a pure life. He was an alcoholic. His liver and kidney shut down and he was a very sick man. My sister and I went to see him in the hospital. Since his insurance had lapsed the hospital needed to find a place for Him to go where he would get care. He stated he could not go back to the farm. I opened my mouth and God came out. I offered for him to come and live with my husband and I. Not even thinking of all of logistics of this idea. But I knew if God laid this on my heart he had plan and I just had to trust in him. And he did. Our neighbor went to work at 4:30 am every morning so he offered to take Dan to dialysis for scheduled appointments. A wonderful loving group of friends that wanted to help so over 30 men made up a schedule to pick him up from dialysis. Every time there was a stumbling block God had it figured out b4 we could even lay the needs on His feet. I witnessed so many blessings and miracles through this time and trial.The Greatest Blessing. I was blessed to witness was my brother’s change of heart. He knew he didn’t have much time and he changed right before our eyes. No more drinking,no swearing, no talk ing bad about people even if he felt they did him wrong. He would say” I can’t take grudges with me where I’m going.” He changed for the Glory of God!! I have never been so proud of him. God is good all the time! Even desperate time! God Bless all that are on a difficult journey right now. Trust in God.

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