Have you walked 24 hours straight? I can’t imagine. I know a 24 minute walk is less than 2 miles for me.

I ran across a gentleman from Sioux Falls who is determined to walk for 24 straight hours. Some friends of mine who know of Lance Smith could not wait to share with me his effort to do so later this month.

Smith, 47, of Sioux Falls and his brother Judd, 42, will walk for 24-straight hours around Sioux Falls to support a local church’s effort to get a mission team to Kenya.

“First time doing this for either of us,” said Smith. “Just normal guys looking to get uncomfortable for Christ.”

Smith explains the message at church he heard that really touched him.

Lance on being uncomfortable for Christ

The walk is scheduled for April 28-29 for Smith who is an avid hiker. He has gotten incredible support from his wife Tammy as he and his brother intend to complete 72 miles in one day.

“I hope to go farther than that,” he said.

Smith has logged hundreds of miles to train his body and his mind. On a single night he walked 26 miles.

Lance miles logged in preparation

The walk is an awareness fundraiser for members of his Sioux Falls church, Good News Church who have been working with the Kakuswi School for the Deaf in Tawa, Kenya. For the last six years, they have worked mission trips expanding and renovating the school as its enrollment has tripled in size to 60 students. This year volunteers will be building a new dining hall for the school.

“I want to show others that anyone can do something to help others. I want to inspire others to try and take action,” said Smith.

Smith is taking donations to gift the mission team and help them get to Kenya and tackle their mission challenge.

Even though Smith isn’t going on the mission trip this time, he is motivated to work harder to help others who are helping others.

(Above picture: Lance Smith didn’t take time off and walked to train during the April 14 blizzard)

He shared how women and children walk miles daily to get water. On average, African women and children walk 3.7 miles every day to collect water. Kenyans spend about 90 minutes of each day collecting the water.

The walk has raised nearly $4,000 in pledges and donations so far. Make a donation and find out more with a great video and more at hisgoodnews.com/walk-for-kenya .

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