Growing up, I was brought up in the faith. You would always see my family and I at the 2 services at Church every Sunday. Last year, faith was not something I had. I have always struggled with anxiety, but it got worse and depression was added in the mix. It was to the point that I would have a hard time getting out of bed and even leaving my house. I was mad at God. I was mad that I had to go through these things. I was admitted to the Avera Behavioral Health last year to get help. There, a pastor came and visited me- one I had never met but his first name was Joe. He encouraged me to pray. To give it to the Lord. I thought he was crazy and I told him that. He told me that God wants to hear our struggles, our hurts and our temptations. He also said that God wants you to go to Him in prayer and to let God have ahold of my life again. He read some verses to me from the Bible and prayed with me. After Joe prayed with me, I felt such weight lifted. When I left to go home, I felt satan still tempting me. I had a hard time going to Church because I felt like the words I felt about myself were written all over my body. That every one would judge me. My parents would always encourage me to go to Church. I tried different Churches, but none felt right. Finally, I started going to the Church my family goes to. I get excited every Sunday to be able to go to HIS house of worship. I met a dear friend, who is now my spiritual mentor and I am finishing up doing the steps/ sessions to take profession of faith. I don’t understand how I got through that year without God, because now when I struggle the first thing I do is go to God. So many times during the day God shows His presence and I look up and say ” Hey God!” I pray daily for those who are hurting, those who are lost, and those who are unsure of where there place is in the world or where their faith is. I encourage you too. I encourage you to invite them to Church, invite them to do a Bible Study or invite them to pray with you. Who knows, you might change their lives and not even know 🙂

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