His first solo effort is connecting in a big way this summer, but you’ve probably already shared in the musical gift of Pat Barrett before “The Way” came on your radio. The singer / songwriter has a long list of writing credits, including co-writing the hit “Good, Good Father”.

Pat takes us inside the big heart & the big questions behind “The Way”.

“I knew God was the way when I was fifteen, and I didn’t have all this responsibility. But is He still the way at twenty two when I’m looking for a job, and I just graduated college? Is He still the way in my marriage when I’m trying to figure out where are we going to live, and where we’re going to build our family, and how is this all going to work?!”

“I think there’s something amazingly liberating about deciding that He is! And then, once that decision is made, it’s not like the questions go anywhere. It’s not like all of a sudden all of life is figured out and everything is happening the way you want it to! I think there are some messages that are packaged that way that are just mislabeled. That’s not how life works.”

He draws a fascinating parallel to the life of Christ.

“I just love what He told the disciples. He didn’t say, hey – you can follow Me as long you don’t have any doubt. Actually, this is pretty crazy. In the Gospel of Mark, I believe, the resurrected Jesus showed Himself and it says many believed and some doubted! It is just crazy. So put that in the perspective of your real life, and your real questions, and the real unknowns.”

“I don’t think those things make God insecure at all. I think He’s well aware of them. I think He understands how life works, and I think the invitation is always there – to acknowledge the things we struggle with. But also acknowledging that – regardless of what we struggle with – those things aren’t the way.”

Pat Barrett has been sharing his gift as a singer / songwriter since he was in middle school. His debut, self titled album is available now – featuring the summer hit, “The Way”.

On the Road with Pat Barrett

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